Meeting David

Read about Shoe Dick's recent meeting with David here.
------------------------------------------------------------------- by Julie: Just wanted to post and say I met David (Dave is what he likes to be called) and his girlfriend Andrea this weekend (August 11/12, 2002) at a bar in Houghton Lake, MI. My friends and I got a chance to hang out, dance and drink with them both. Andrea's family has some property there. He is so nice and very polite despite the constant attention he received that night. If anyone approached him for an autograph, pictures or just a hand shake he kindly agreed. I didn't realize how short he was but much cuter in person than on TV. I asked him what he was doing and with a smile he said collecting royalties. He also said they have a reunion show coming out sometime next year. ------------------------------------------------------------------- By Justice: I had the opportunity to meet David at a shopping center. He has so much of the Bud Bundy character in him. He took a picture with me and signed an autograph. A really nice guy and he is fun to be around too. --------------------------------------------------------------------
Have you< ever met David? Please let us know!