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TV Guide 
November 12-18, 1988

"'Fox Delays Married "Period" Episode'"

['UPDATE in the news' section] By Jeff Kaye Fox Broadcasting executives have been wondering what to do with a completed but unaired episode of Married... with Children that appears to break new ground in sitcom subject matter. The episode, the series' first to be taped this season, has had its airdate postponed. It's entitled "A Period Piece" and addresses the topis of menstuation. More specifically, it tells how the Bundy and Rhoades families go on a fishing trip together, only to find that Marcy Rhoades (Amanda Bearse), Peggy Bundy (Katey sagal), and Peggy's teenage daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate) are all starting their periods simultaneously. "I'm sure [the episode] will be scheduled later in the season," says Fox spokesman Brad Turell. "Running it as the season premiere, we felt, was not necessarily the best thing to do. You have to be responsible to the viewers." Married executive producers Ron Leavitt and Michael Moye don't hesitate to opinion about why Fox hasn't run the episode. Says Moye, "if your typewriter makes a clucking sound, that will tell you the story." Adds Leavitt, "They're a shade nervous [at Fox]. It's funny, Geraldo [Rivera] burns babies in prime time and we're just saying women have periods."
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