Ed O'Neill



Full name: Edward O'Neill, Jr. (middle name is rumoured to be Phillip)
Birth:     Born April 12, 1946, in Youngstown, Ohio.
Family:    Father, Edward Sr. was a steelworker. His mother, Ruth, a social worker.
           Two younger brothers and two younger sisters 
           Wife: Catherine (Cathy) Rusoff since 1986.
           Two young daughters, Claire (b. 1999) and Sofia (b. 2006)
Height:    6'1"
Eyes:      Blue; wears glasses.
Hobbies:   Cooking. Has been playing Handball for about 30 years.
           Has studied Brazilian Jui-Jitsu (a form of self-defense) for 
           almost 20 years with the Gracie family. Recently received his black belt.


 Ed played football through high school and college. Though he did love football,
 he thought that this would be the way to attract girls, but soon found out he
 was wrong. He played for the Youngstown State University (The "Penguins") and Ohio
 University. He was a Rookie (Chuck Knolls' first year) with the Pittsburgh
 Steelers in 1969, but was soon cut because he was "undisciplined and unruly" and
 never got along with head coaches, though he was a good player. 

Ed in college
He felt that football was something he had to do, rather than something he wanted to do. He soon discovered that his real love was for acting. Once cut from the Steelers, Ed decided to begin studying theatre. In Youngstown, he scored a part in "Rainmaker", which then lead to the role of the Greek guard in "Antigone". After that, he enrolled in some acting courses. He also taught Grade six (slow learners) Social Studies whilst studying arts and theatre at Ohio University. It wasn't until 1977 that Ed decided to pursue acting as a profession. Unless I have solid evidence to the contrary, Ed was not in Deliverance! Ed had many jobs over the years. He was a bellhop in a hotel (and even got a visit by the Pittsburgh Steelers!); a bartender; a steelworker; he taught speed reading; even once became a used car salesman. He was a waiter at the ripe age of 30. He moved to New York where he began to study in New York's Circle in the Square. Contrary to popular belief, Ed was not in the 1972 movie "Deliverance". From May 6 to September 16, 1979, Ed played 1948 psychotic boxer, Paddy Klonski, in the Broadway play "Knockout" with Danny Aiello at the Helen Hayes Theatre in New York. His first biggish movie part was in "Cruising" (with Al Pacino) in 1980, credited as 'Edward O'Neil'. Also in 1980, Ed had a small role in "Dogs Of War". Ed was considered for the lead role in "Cheers" in 1982. The character of Sam Malone was originally planned to be a football player, and Ed was going to play him. Then the producers changed it to a baseball pitcher and Ted Danson got the role instead. Ed was also being considered for the leads in "Family Ties" ("You could not get a guy who was wronger for the part!") and "Hill Street Blues" (which he didn't really care for.) Ed played roles both big and small in various TV movies before performing in "Of Mice And Men" in a Connecticut theatre. It was there that an executive from a new network, called FOX, attended. After viewing, he asked Ed to audition for the first sitcom for this new network. Though he did not particularly want to do a sitcom, Ed agreed to audition, thinking he'd do a quick six shows, get some Christmas cash and that'd be it. He read the Pilot script and thought it was funny and original. He got called back for another audition. Ed wasn't sure he should go. He gave the script to his wife and she started to laugh whilst reading it. It was then that Ed knew he wanted the part of Al Bundy. And nobody could have played it better. DURING THE SHOW Ed believes that the pilot episode of Married with Children had excellent reviews, but that didn't stop him from thinking that they would only do six episodes and then be off the air. He didn't think that MWC would find an audience, but the first season, containing 13 episodes, completely proved Ed wrong; let alone eleven years. By the fourth season, Al Bundy was a national television blue-collar hero. Ed acted in many movies during the eleven years that MWC lasted. He also hosted Saturday Night Live in Janurary 1990. He was the first star from the FOX network to host SNL. A "Wayne's World" sketch in this show Ed was in was possibly a lead-in for his appearance in both feature films (in which he is given the special 'and' credit.)
Saturday Night Live
His wife, Cathy, appeared on MWC twice, once in 1988 ("Just Married... With Children" [220]) and again in 1991. ("If Al Had A hammer" [603]) In 1991, a story was released in one of the gossip magazines that Ed and Christina Applegate were rumoured to be having an affair. Ed was amused by this story, Christina horrified. (It wasn't true, by the way.) Ed was orginally cast in the film "Flight Of The Intruder", but once previewed, he had to be cut out of the film because audiences could not accept the fact that it was "Al Bundy in the army". Ed was honoured with a Golden Globe nomination in 1992 and 1993, but it being MWC meant he wouldn't win, of course. MWC has never really been appreciated in the awards industry. Ed could see that MWC was running out of steam by the end, once commenting that "it's hard to think of fresh ideas after the first 100 episodes." When MWC was finally cancelled, cast members were saddened, yet happy for the opportunity to do other things, particularly Ed. He was beginning to feel that he was not an actor anymore, just some guy waiting for retirement. Ed has a lot of difficulty being respected as he is still recognised as Al Bundy wherever he goes. He had realised before 1993 that he'd been typecast, because "Bundy is such a hard character to get out of people's minds, and I'm always gonna look like the guy." AFTER THE SHOW Since MWC's cancellation, Ed has acted in several movies and the ten-hour mini-series "The Tenth Kingdom".
The Tenth Kingdom
He sweetly surprised Christina Applegate on the set of her new show "Jesse" in 1998. He is the spokesman, and can be seen in commercials as the Phone Patrol for 1-800-COLLECT. He has appeared in a couple of plays, and has a particular fondess for David Mamet. He got a new show, "Big Apple", in early 2001 on CBS.
Big Apple
Unfortunately, running against "ER" it was cancelled after just five episodes. Ed then came back playing another cop, possibly one of the most famous ever - Joe Friday - in the new "Dragnet" series on ABC, which lasted two seasons. After the first season, they changed the cast (except for Ed) and renamed it "L.A. Dragnet" for some reason, and the show went downhill and was eventually cancelled in 2004. Ed reunited with Katey Sagal in an episode of her show, "8 Simple Rules". He continues to act in movies and TV shows. He had a recurring role on "The West Wing". Another series, "John From Cincinnatti", ran for one series (10 episodes) on HBO in 2007.
Eddie & Katey on 8 Simple Rules
Ed has now found success on the new ABC show "Modern Family" which is a documentary- style situation comedy. The series has become a huge hit and won several awards. It was won the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy two years running, and Ed finally got an Emmy nomination for himself (Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series) in 2011, after being notoriously overlooked the previous year. August 2011 saw Ed receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Modern Family's creator Steve Levitan and Ed's two television wives gave speeches at the event.
a Star is born
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