Christina Applegate



Full name: Christina Applegate
    Birth: Born 25th November 1971, in Los Angeles, California.
     Home: Los Angeles. Used to live in Laurel Canyon.
   Family: Mother - actress/singer Nancy Priddy;
           Father - Robert Applegate, a record producer;
           Half-sister - Alisa; half-brother - Kyle;
           Ex-Husband - Johnathan Schaech. Fiance: Martyn LeNoble
           Daughter - Sadie Grace LeNoble (b. Jan 27th 2011)
   Height: 5'5"
     Hair: Natural "dirty" blonde, has been platinum, dark brown and has a habit of dying it red.
     Eyes: Green; wears glasses or contacts.
  Hobbies: Dancing, jogging, spin classes.
 Features: Tattoos - a vine around one ankle, "Agape" on the other, plus a few other small
           tattoos in various places.


 Christina's parents separated a few months after her birth. Her father later remarried and had
 two children (Christina's half-siblings Alisa and Kyle). Christina and her mother lived alone,
 struggling to make ends meet. Nancy Priddy was a singer and actress who often brought Christina 
 to her sets. Nancy once got a call from a "Days Of Our Lives" casting agent for a mother and a
 baby to be on the show; Christina played a male baby called Burt Grizzel. They both then did a
 commercial for Playtex Nurser collaspable bottles in 1972.

 baby Christina: now she has less gas...

 In 1974, Christina scored a campaign with K-Mart for a series of radio commercials. With the
 money she earned she was able to buy a house when she was just seven years old. Christina also
 started dancing at the age of seven. She dances (or at least used to) between 15-20 hours a week.
 More often though, she takes Spinning classes and pilates to stay in shape. 
 Christina's agent, Tami Lynn, also a friend of her mother's, signed her as a client when she was
 8 or so and soon Christina was appearing in various TV movies and TV shows. Christina starred in
 the low-budget horror film "Jaws of Satan" with her mother. Soon after that, her mother was
 diagnosed with cancer. It passed quickly and they continued their lives. Christina scored
 appearances on TV shows like "Charles in Charge" and "Silver Spoons" in the early-mid '80s. In
 1985, Christina starred in her first television drama called "Heart of the City". She was awarded
 with a Young Artist Award for this show: 'Exceptional Performance By a Young Actress in a New
 Television, Comedy or Drama Series'. 

 Heart of the City

 Unfortunately, the series only lasted for 13 weeks. 

 Coincidentally, the "Married with Children" was going into production when "Heart of The City"
 ended. Originally, brunette Tina Caspary was playing the part of Kelly Bundy until she and Hunter
 Carson, who was playing Bud at the time, were fired and the producers looked for new actors to
 fill their roles. They had seen Christina's work on HOTC, so they sent her a script and a copy of
 the pilot to her, but Christina at first did not want to return to TV, but she relunctantly
 agreed to audition. She read her part with David Faustino and the 15-year-old blonde and
 12-year-old David were both taken on board and re-shot their scenes for the pilot epsiode.
 Christina left school after eleventh grade. She attended Excelsior High School at some time.


 Christina was nominated for a Young Artist Award (Best Young Actress - Starring in a Television
 Comedy Series) in 1988 and won it in 1989 for her role as Kelly Bundy. She quickly became one of
 the hottest and most popular people on television. Christina tried hard to live up to her TV 
 image. She was always self-conscious about her looks and weight and at times she didn't eat in 
 order to stay thin and fit into the Kelly Bundy outfits.
 Christina made a film in 1989 that she is most proud of: "Streets". Her following movie was 
 "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead", for which the cast received a Youth Award nomination for
 in 1992 and Christina a MTV Music Awrad nomination for Most Desirable Female, 1992.
 Don't Tell Mom...

 Kelly Bundy was not nearly as dumb in the first two seasons. As Christina put in, "they really 
 let it go" during the third season. In 1991, there was a rumour that Christina and her on-screen 
 father Ed O'Neill were having a "red-hot love affair". They weren't.
 Christina had many boyfriends over the years, including some rather harsh relationships. She 
 partied hard until she saw her friend River Phoenix die outside of the Viper Room on October 
 31st, 1993. She did an Anti-drug dance performance in memory of River in early 1994.
 Christina was famous for her long blonde hair until she cut it really short before the premiere 
 of the ninth season in 1994. It has been known that some people stopped watching MWC after she
 did this! And then in 1995, before the start of the tenth season, she dyed it red. The producers 
 were not happy with the change, therefore she wore a blonde wig from episodes 1001 to 1024.
 In 1996, Nancy's cancer had returned. It was worse than the first time, and Christina coped as 
 best she could with the illness and her work duties with MWC. 

 In 1996, she joined the Pussycat Dolls dancing group as a guest artist. She still emcees some

 Pussycat Dolls (with Christina Aguilera)

 Christina is an avid supporter of such things as "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" 
 (PETA), among others. She also has two dogs named Jackson and Cybil, and a cat, called Conaloha,
 who allegedly talks and sings with her.

  Christina's cat in 2000  PETA


 Christina found out about MWC's cancellation over the radio (Mark and Bryan's radio show).  She
 was upset by this, but also eager for the opportunity to move on and shed her Kelly Bundy image.
 The rumoured idea for a possible Kelly Bundy spin-off was quickly put to rest.
 The year after MWC ended, she starred in three consecutive movies: "Claudine's Return" aka "Kiss
 of fire"; "The Big Hit" and "Jane Austen's Mafia!"

 From August 1998, Christina starred in her own sitcom "Jesse", which she also co-produced with
 her agent, Tami Lynn. Ed O'Neill surprised her on the set during the taping of the third
 episode. Amanda Bearse directed two epsidoes of "Jesse". Also, David Faustino guest appeared in
 a first season episode ("The Best Possible Deal").

 a surprise from Ed

 For her role as Jesse Warner, Christina received a Golden Globe nomination in 1999 and won the 
 People's Choice Awards for Favorite Female Performer in a New Television Series and Best New
 Series. "Jesse" had a timeslot any show would be envious of: right after Friends, right before 
 Frasier. She also co-hosted the first annual TV Guide Awards with French Stewart. In 1998, 
 Christina won the President Award for "Star on the Horizon" at the Ft. Lauderdale International
 Film Festival.
 "Jesse" underwent major changes between its first and second seasons. Half the cast were
 replaced with new characters, and Jesse got a different working environment. The second season's
 ratings were not as high as the previous season, and the show was cancelled in May 2000.

 Jesse season 2

 Christina and actor Johnathan Schaech dated for about three years beofre they married in October
 2001. They appeared together in movies "The Giving Tree" in 1998, and"Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas"
 in 2005.

 Christina dyed her hair brown to film a television movie remake of "Prince Charming"; a remake
 of the French film "Les Vistors" ("Just Visiting") and the movie "The Sweetest Thing" with 
 Cameron Diaz. She also stars in "A View From The Top" with Gwenyth Paltrow. 

 In 2005, she got her first role in a Broadway musical - the lead in Sweet Charity. The show 
 endured some problems, including Christina breaking her foot, but the show got through the 
 hurdles and succeeded. The last performance was December 31st, 2005. Christina got a Tony Award
 nomination for her role as Sweet Charity Valentine. She also performed at the Tonys and made
 great fun of her injury.

  if her friends could see her now!

 Christina and Johnathon divorced in 2005. He was last rumoured to be dating Heather Locklear.
 Christina dated a dude named Lee Grivas, but in 2008, not longer after they broke up, he fatally
 overdosed on drugs.
 As of September 2007,  Christina is back on TV - her new series "Samantha Who?" (previously 
 called "Sam I Am" but changed due to legal copyright issues) airs on ABC. The first season came 
 out on DVD in 2008. She was nominated for a Best Actress Emmy in 2008 and 2009. 
 Alas, the show  was cancelled in 2009 after the two seasons. 

 Perhaps inevitably, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2008. It was caught 
 in the early stages; she opted to undergo a double mastectomy and has since been given a clean 
 bill of health. She is having resconstruction surgery and will, in her own words, "have cute boobs
 till [she's] 90." Christina has a charity called Right Action for Women (
 which raises money for women to have MRI exams (which are not covered by insurance.)
 She tweets fairly regularly.

 Her boyfriend in Martyn Lenoble, a bassist for bands Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros.
 He and Christina welcomed their first child, Sadie Grace LeNoble, on January 27th, 2011.

 2011 saw Christina back on TV with another sitcom, "Up All Night" co-starring Will Arnett and Maya
 Rudolph. Christina plays a new mother and a TV producer in the show, just as she does in real life.
 The show has been getting decent ratings and has been picked up for a second season.



 Date     Title  

 1979     Jaws of Satan AKA King Cobra             Kim Perry
 1981     Beatlemania                              unconfirmed
 1983     Grace Kelly Story, The                   Young Grace Kelly
 1988     Dance Til Dawn                           Patrice Johnson
 1989     Streets                                  Dawn
 1991     Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead     Sue Ellen Crandell
 1994     Across The Moon                          Kathy
 1995     Vibrations                               Animika
 1995     Wild Bill                                Lurline 
 1996     Mars Attacks!                            Sharona
 1997     Nowhere                                  Dingbat
 1998     The Big Hit                              Pamela Schulman
 1998     Claudine's Return AKA Kiss of Fire       Claudine van Doozen
 1998     Mafia! AKA Jane Austen's Mafia           Diane Steen
 1999     The Giving Tree                          Emily
          AKA Shaded Places 
          AKA The Brutal Truth
 1999     Out in Fifty  
 2001     Prince Charming                          Kate
 2001     Just Visiting
 2001     Sol Goode
 2002     Heroes
 2002     The Sweetest Thing                       Courtney
 2002     A View From The Top                      Christine Montgomery
 2003     Wonderland                               Susan Launius
 2004     Anchorman: The Legend of Ron 
          Burgundy                                 Veronica Corningstone                    
 2004     Employee of the Month                    Sara Goodwin
 2004     Surviving Christmas                      Alicia Valco
 2005     Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas             Dr. Suzanne Bedford
 2005     Tilt-A-Whirl
 2006     Farce of The Penguins
 2008     The Rocker
 2009     Alvin and The Chipmonks: The Squeakquel  Britney, head chipette
 2010     Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
 2010     Going The Distance 
 2011     Hall Pass
 2012     Alvin and The Chipmonks: Chipwrecked     Britney 


 Date     Title                         

 1972     Days Of Our Lives                              Burt Grizzell 
 1981     Father Murphy - "A Horse from Heaven"          Ada
 1983     Mama's Family                                  unknown 
 1983     Quincy - "Suffer the Little Children"          unconfirmed
 1984     Charles in Charge - "The Slumber Party"        Stacy 
 1985     Charles in Charge -  "Snowed in"               Stacy
 1985     Washingtoon                                    unconfirmed 
 1985     Silver Spoons -  "Family Affair"               Ricky's date 
 1986     Amazing Stories - "Welcome to My Nightmare"    Holly 
 1986     All is Forgiven - "Mother's Day"               Simone 
 1986     Still the Beaver - "Farewell to Freddie"       unknown 
 1986     Heart of the City                              Robin Kennedy
 1987     Family Ties - "Band on the Run"                Kitten
 1987-97  Married... with Children                       Kelly Bundy 
 1988     21 Jump Street - "I'm Okay, You Need Work"     Tina 
 1990     Totally Hidden Video                           Herself
 1991     Top of the Heap - "Behind the Eight Ball"      Kelly Bundy
 1991     Top of the Heap -  
          "The Last Temptation of Charlie"               Kelly Bundy
 1993     Saturday Night Live                            Herself / Cher / various
 1996     Mad TV                                         Herself / various
 1997     Pauly - "Through the Ringer"                   Mariah / Diesel Donut
 1998-00  Jesse  AKA  All My Life                        Jesse Warner
 2002     Friends - "The One With Rachel's Other 
                     Sister"                             Amy Green
 2003     Friends - "The One Where Rachel's
                     Sister Babysits"                    Amy Green
 2004     King Of The Hill                               Colette (voice only)
 2005     Father of the Pride - "One Man's 
          Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend"              Candy (voice only) 
 2007-09  Samantha Who?                                  Samantha Newly
 2009     Star-ving - "Married with Children: The Movie" herself
 2011-    Up All Night                                   Reagan


 Date     Program

 198?     Win, Lose or Draw (game show)
 1989     The MTV Awards 
 1989     The Arsenio Hall Show 
 1989     41st Annual Emmy Awards
 1989     After Hours
 1989     Rate the '80s Awards 
 1989     The Pat Sajak Show 
 1989     MTV's 1989 Video Music Awards 
 1990     4th Annual American Comedy Awards 
 1990     Earth Day Special 
 1990     The Byron Allen Show 
 1991     Home Videos of the Stars (behind the scenes)
 1991     43rd Annual Emmy Awards
 1991     Inside Movies (Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead) 
 1991     Entertainment Tonight 
 1992     49th Annual Golden Globe Awards 
 1992     Late Night with David Letterman 
 1992     Backstage with the Bundys
 1992     Hollywood Insider 
 1992     The Whoopi Goldberg Show  
 1993     Day in the Life of, A
 1994     Later  
 1995     Hollywood Insider 
 1995     My Favourite Married
 1996     Day and Date
 1998     Keenen Ivory Wayans 
 1998     Late Night with Conan O'Brien 
 1998     The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 
 1998     Behind the Scenes 
 1998     The Howie Mandel Show 
 1998     50th Emmy Awards 
 1998     The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 
 1998     The Today Show 
 1998     Late Night with Conan O'Brien 
 1998     The Rosie O'Donnell Show 
 1998     E! Behind the Scenes (The Big Hit)
 1999     56th Golden Globe Awards Announcement Ceremony
 1999     25th People's Choice Award
 1999     56th Golden Globe Awards 
 1999     1st Annual TV Guide Awards 
 1999     The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 
 1999     Celebrity Profile
 1999     Late Night with Conan O'Brien 
 1999     E! On Air 
 1999     The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 
 2000     The View 
 2000     The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 
 2000     Live! with Regis & Kathie Lee 
 2000     Cynthia Garret
 2000     Celebrity Profile: Katey Sagal
 2000     Intimate Portrait: Katey Sagal 
 2002     Tonight Show with Jay Leno
 2002     Late Night With Conan O'Brien
 2004     Late Night with Conan O'Brien
 2004     The Daily Show
 2005     Tonight Show With Jay Leno
 2005     Late Night with Conan O'Brien
 2006     The Ellen Degeneres Show
 2009     The Jay Leno Show
 2009     Carrie Underwood Holiday Special
 2010     Late Show With David Letterman
 2010     Conan
 2011     Ellen DeGeneres Show
 2011     Jimmy Kimmel Live


 Date     Title                               

 19??     The Third Day 
 19??     The Axeman's Jazz
 19??     Nobody Leaves Empty Handed
 19??     The Runthrough
 19??     The Grass Harp
 2005     Sweet Charity


 Commercial for Cat Chow food in 1983.
 Commerical for Barbie in 1983.
 Commercial for Cocoa-Cola in 1989.
 Appeared in Electric Angels' music video "Rattlesnake Kisses" in 1989.
 Voice-over for "Care Bears Adventures in Care-A-Lot".
 Promotions for MWC's syndication and FOX.
 Sketch for MWC on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" as Kelly Bundy in 1996.
 Promotions for "Jesse" and promotional speeches for NBC.
 Appeared in Jessica Simpson's music video "Public Affair" in 2006.


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