Married... with Children

Ah, Married with Children. The little show that could... become a huge success and last eleven seasons.

MWC was originally devised by Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt, who were writers and producers of such shows as "The Jeffersons". They wanted to create a show that was different to other shows on TV at the time (mid-80s), like The Cosby Show. In fact, the working title for this new show was called Not The Cosbys.

The Evolution of Bud Bundy

David Faustino was asked to audition for the part of Bud Bundy when the producers felt there had to be a change in the cast. The original actors playing the parts of Bud and Kelly Bundy, Hunter Carson and Tina Caspary, had to be replaced. Christina Applegate and David Faustino were among the kids called in for the recasting and needless to say, they got the job. David says that while he was only 12 years old at the time, he knew that he and Christina would get along very well and could see that the on-screen relationship would work. David didn't understand many of the jokes at first because he was so young, but he caught on fast to the sexual innuendo.

Bud Bundy is "the smart one" in the family, but is also - in his father's words - the "son who'd have sex with a fire hydrant". Bud's sex life is certainly a well-known factor of the show. He rarely gets a date, but on the occasion he does score, it's usually with an incredibly gorgeous girl, or a much older woman (his teacher; Al's boss, for example.) Bud owns a rubber doll named Isis and has sex with real women fewer than ten times during the show's run. His flaws lie not in his looks (despite his small stature) so much as his "odious personality" (as per Kelly) and lack of tact.

The part of Bud Bundy made David famous. Married with Children is a great way to see David age and change over the years. He literally grew up on screen, facing a lot of embarrassing moments that most adolescent boys would not rather share with the rest of the world. But still, despite some awful hair styles, he lived through it and blossomed into a very good looking young man. David has been recognised for his work in MWC, often being nominated for a Young Artist Award. Click here for a full list of award nominations

David's favorite MWC episodes are "Johnny Be Gone" (season 1) and "You Better Watch Out" (season 2).

There are Bud Bundy screen captures in the picture gallery.

Grandmaster B

Grandmaster B is Bud's alter ego. He was 'created' in 1991 (starting with episode 0603 - If Al had A Hammer) to get babes. "Chicks like new blood," Bud explains, so he transformed himself into the rapping cool dude. He performs a rap in 0603. The other three Bundys (and other people too) just cannot seem to remember his name, often subsituting 'Grandmaster' with everything from 'Grasshopper' to 'Dustbuster'. See the list here.
The Grandmaster B idea was created by the MWC producers as a way of poking fun at David, and his real rap career. The character was 'reborn' in 0611 when the first half of season had turned out to be a dream. It lasted until the end of season six, and was re-mentioned once in season 7 (0723 - Tis Time To Smell The Roses), and the outfit is hanging up in the basement in 0803 (Proud To Be Your Bud), along with Bud's other alter egos (i.e. pathetic attempts to get a date) he has created over the years.

In David's real rap song "I Told Ya" on his Balistyx album, both Grandmaster B and Bud Bundy are mentioned.

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