Bud's Rap from 0603 "If Al Had A Hammer"

He came from the streets where everyone's meat
Guns in the night, but you wonder why she can't love no one
'cause he's on the run
Sleeps in the alley, wakes by the sun
Listen to the sirens, thinkin' they're for me
It's a lonely life for Grandmaster B
Yes, a lonely life for Grandmaster B

"When the hat is on..."
Grandmaster B's name, according to those around him

Won't they ever get it right?

Ghostbuster B (Kelly, 0603)
Mixmaster B (Jill, 0603)
Grandma B (Kelly, 0603)
Grand Marshall B (Peg, 0603)
Bedwetter B (Kelly, 0603)
Court Jester B (Peg, 0603)
Bushwhacker (Kelly, 0603)
Burgermeister (Peg, 0603)
Buckminster (Al, 0603)
Grand Flasher (Jill, 0603)
Dustbuster (Jill, 0603)
Grasshopper (Al, 0604)
Gaspasser (Al, 0604)
Bass Satcher (Al, 0604)
Grandfather B (Al, 0604)
Crossdresser B (Kelly, 0607)
Grandpappy B (Kelly, 0607)
Bellringer B (kelly, 0607)
Grand Bastard (Kelly, 0614)
Thumbsucker B (Kelly, 0614)
Buttwagger B (Kelly, 0616)
Grandmaster Virgin (Kelly, 0616)
Thighmaster (Kelly, 0619)
Grinchmaster B (Host, 0619)
Abdomenizer B (Bud, 0723)

I guess not.