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Regular Cast:

Ed O'Neill..............Al Bundy
Katey Sagal.............Peggy Bundy
Amanda Bearse...........Marcy D'Arcy
Christina Applegate.....Kelly Bundy
David Faustino..........Bud Bundy
Ted McGinley............Jefferson D'Arcy

Guest Cast:

Harold Sylvester........Griff
Juliet Tablak...........Amber
Heather Paige Kent......Cherise 
Joseph Reitman..........Genghis 
Kirsten Holmquist.......Breezy 



The Bundy living room.
Bud enters with a tall, blonde babe named Breezy.

BUD      I'm so glad you're my Physics lab partner, Breezy. Ah sure, I could've gotten an easy A
         teaming up with a Korean kid, but uh... I prefer a challenge.

Breezy giggles and strokes Bud's beard. They sit on the couch.

BREEZY   Oh Bud. I've watched you everyday in Quantum Mechanics. [takes Bud's hand] I just love
         the way you glide your fingers sensuously over your Texas instrument. [they smile] Take

Bud and Breezy start making out.
Bud reaches his hand out...

The scene dissolves. Bud was dreaming. He and Al are sitting on the couch, only Bud is asleep
with his head on Al's shoulder. Bud's hand is groping Al's chest and starts opening his shirt. 
Al looks down to Bud. Bud eventually wakes up and looks up at Al.

BUD      Another dream, Dad?

AL       Another dream, Son.

BUD      Why didn't you stop me?

AL       There's a game on!

BUD      I'm sorry about that, Dad. I just haven't slept much 'cause I'm studying for a
         scholarship. The test is tomorrow and if I ace it, I'll get to study at Oxford. You have
         heard of Oxford?

AL       Heard of it? Hell, I've been selling them for years!

BUD      Actually, Dad, Oxford is a university...

AL       [looking at the TV] Whoops! Cheerleader routine, Son. [leans forward]

BUD      [gathering his books] Okay, fine. But I gotta study. So can you try to keep it down?

AL       Gotchya. 

Bud sits at the desk. Al watches the TV.

AL       Cut to the left! Cut to the left! Now! Go for the end zone!

BUD      I thought you were watching cheerleaders?

AL       I am. Damn cameraman's shooting their faces.

BUD      Dad, remember, the scholarship?

AL       Son, remember, your room? Why don't you study upstairs?

BUD      Because Kelly's blasting music in her room. Some band she wants to see - Otitis Media.

AL       What a stupid name.

BUD      Otitis Media?

AL       No, "Kelly". Never liked that name. Always wanted to call her "Spike". 'Course, I wanted
         a son, never got one, damn wife...

BUD      Dad, can you stop seniling around and turn this game off long enough for me to study? 

AL       Son, this game is important. The Bears are playing the Rams, and if you lose to the Rams
         you get thrown out of the league.

BUD      [to himself] Why am I fighting? I know where the quietest place in the world is.


Bud is sitting on a chair in the shoe store. He's reading a book. Then, he falls asleep and he 
starts to dream again:
A hot babe named Cherise enters the store and stands in front of Bud.

CHERISE  Bud, I've come to make love to you. [Bud smiles at her] I want you to rub my tootsies
         and then show me something in a size six.

BUD      I only carry a nine.


Cherise puts her leg out and Bud starts kissing her foot and calf.
The scenes dissolves back to reality and Bud is really kissing the leg of a model dummy.

BUD      [stroking the leg] Ohh, this is so exciting for me, mon cherie.

Griff enters from the stock room, with the other leg.

BUD      Now, if you'll allow me to nibble on your love grapes...

Bud is about to nibble on the toes.

GRIFF    I found this one in back if you want to make the one you got jealous.

Bud wakes up.

BUD      Who are you?

GRIFF    Name's Griff. I work here.

BUD      That's funny. Dad never told me he hired another guy.

GRIFF    And who are you?

BUD      Bud. Al Bundy's my father.

GRIFF    That's funny. He never told me he had a son.

BUD      Daughter?

GRIFF    Nope.

BUD      Wife?

GRIFF    Not living.

BUD      Four touchdowns in one game?

GRIFF    Oh hell yeah! That's why I told him to go home. I couldn't stand it anymore. 

BUD      Look, uh, it's not what you think. I've just been studying so hard for this scholarship
         that I tend to fall asleep. 

GRIFF    Well, if you're looking for some peace and quiet, I won't bother you anymore.

Bud smiles and goes back to his studying. 

GRIFF    Yeah, I'm just here because I don't have any other place to go.

As Bud reads, Griff walks over the adjoining chair and sits.

GRIFF    I used to have a place to go. [Bud looks up, slightly annoyed] Then I got divorced. Now
         I got two places I don't go. Yep! Divorced. She got the house, the car, the money.... I
         got the right to remain silent. But that's fair, I guess. [Bud continues reading]
         'Course, what really ticks me off... [Bud looks up, irritated] that even Michael
         Jackson's married and I'm not. [looks At Bud] But I'm not bitter. You go on back to your

Bud starts studying again. Griff puts his head in his hand and starts crying.
Bud picks up his things to leave.


Back at the Bundy house, Al is watching the game on TV. Bud enters.

BUD      Dad, I've gotta study, alright? 

AL       Go ahead, who's stopping ya?

The phone rings.

AL       Get that, will ya?

Bud reluctantly gets the phone.

AL       Why do I suddenly feel I'm in the presence of great evil?

BUD      [on phone] Hi, Mom.

Al knows why.

PEGGY    [from Wanker County] Hi, Bud. Look, I can't talk long, honey, I just called to give you
         a Grandma update. The doctors have told us that she can take those long walks in the
         woods again, as long as she wears the orange drop cloth. 

Peggy keep talking as Bud listens in despair. A small clock appears on the screen and winds 
forward almost an hour as Peggy speaks.

PEGGY    Oh yes, and Aunt Sadie is making you the cutest sweater. [giggles] You know, her eye has
         stopped leaking now... 

Peggy keeps on talking as her voice speeds up until the aforementioned hour has passed.

PEGGY    And we're hoping with any luck they'll be able to separate the twins next Friday. So
         honey, what's going on there?

BUD      Well, actually there's this scholarship...

PEGGY    Oops! [she taps the receiver on the phone so it makes a ding sound] Times up. Gotta go.

They hang up.
Kelly comes running down the stairs, listening to a Walkman. She sits next to Al and speaks

KELLY    Daddy, guess what I just heard? Otitis Media is in concert right here, and I have to go. 
         Please? It's only a couple hundred dollars! 

AL       Kelly, at least have the decency to take the headphones off when I say "no" to ya. 

Kelly removes the headphones.

KELLY    [still shouting] Please, Dad, I have to go! It's the greatest band in the world!

AL       [shouting] Kelly, will be quiet? Your brother's tryna study!

KELLY    [yelling to a pissed off Bud] Sorry!

BUD      [yelling back] Thank you!

Marcy and Jefferson enter.

MARCY    Guess what? We're going to have a new addition to our family.

AL       Well, shouldn't you be sitting on it, waiting for it to hatch?

Kelly gets up.

KELLY    Mrs. D'Arcy, you're going to have a baby?

JEFFRSN  Better. We're going to have a teenager.

KELLY    [to Marcy] Then can I strongly recommend that you have a caesarean? 

Jefferson leaves Marcy to answer Kelly and sits on the couch with Al.

MARCY    No, Kelly. My niece, Amber, is coming from Los Angeles to stay with us for a while.
         [walking over to Bud] Bud, you met Amber six years ago when she was thirteen, you

Marcy takes out a photo and shows it to Bud. Bud screams.

MARCY    Well, I think she's beautiful.

AL       Yeah, but you think Jefferson works.

JEFFRSN  I don't know about you, but when I sweat and don't enjoy it, I call it work.

MARCY    Anyway, Amber's parents think she's been hanging out with the wrong crowd in L.A.,
         getting a little too wild. So, I'm going to teach her traditional, mid-western values.

AL       Like what? Wearing print dresses, serving lots of tuna casserole and gettin' fat?

MARCY    Exactly. And while she's here you, Al Bundy, are not to offend her in any way. And that
         includes going outside with your shirt off... or bending over and showing us that
         vertical smile we've come to know and love.

AL       You know, if you don't like it, why don't you put Amber on the other side of your house?

MARCY    Because our second bedroom is the place for her.

JEFFRSN  Uh, excuse me, Marcy, but that's my billiard room.

MARCY    Not anymore.

JEFFRSN  Even my little solarium where I sit by the window and watch people go to work? [getting
         down on his knees] But I've waved to you each morning till you've rounded the corner.
         You'd take that joy away from me? What am I gonna do?

MARCY    Get a job?

JEFFRSN  No, really, what am I gonna do?

MARCY    It's Amber's room.

JEFFRSN  [upset] Ohh! Oh, this is just great. Now everybody's got a room but me. Kelly's got a
         room, Bud's got a room, Al's got a... So now I'm no better off than Al??

Everybody starts arguing loudly at once. Bud stands up.


Everyone shuts up.

BUD      I'm gonna put a stop to this right now.

Bud reaches into his pocket.

JEFFRSN  [hiding behind Marcy] He's got a gun!!

Kelly screams.
Bud gives them a look and pulls out his wallet.

BUD      Now here's what we're gonna do. This is all the money I have. So Dad, here. [Bud gives
         Al money from his wallet] Take some money and go to the Nudie Bar.

AL       Game's not over!

TV       And the Rams take the field.

AL       Okay, it's over. [stands] Thanks, Son.

Al leaves.

BUD      [giving money to Kelly] Kelly, go get yourself some concert tickets.

KELLY    [excitedly] Thank you, Bud! If you weren't my brother, I would...

BUD      Yeah, I know. You'd be surrendering your body for an ice cream and a pony ride.

Kelly leaves.

BUD      [giving Marcy money] Mrs. D'Arcy, take Amber to the groomers... Uh, I mean, the movies.

Marcy leaves. Bud puts his wallet away. Jefferson lingers around Bud.

JEFFRSN  Hey, Bud?

BUD      Yeah?

JEFFRSN  Can, can I go to the Nudie Bar with Al?

Bud reluctantly takes out some money. Jefferson takes it gingerly and leaves. 
Bud settles back at his desk.

BUD      Oh, finally! Some quiet. Just you and me now, Buck boy.

BUCK     Uh oh. I've seen porno films that start like this.

There is a knock at the door.

BUD      [annoyed] What is it?

Amber enters. She is a babe.

AMBER    Hi. I'm Marcy's nice, Amber.

BUD      You're Amber?

AMBER    Yeah. [closes door] I'm hiding from my aunt. Do you mind if I got out of these sticky
         clothes and take a shower?

Bud just looks at Amber as he sits on the arm of the couch.



Amber, with her hair up in a towel, sits on the couch and moisturizes her legs. Bud sits next to
her, looking on.

BUD      So. Now that you've showered, lotioned up... and eaten a banana in front of me... What
         uh, what brings you to Chicago?

AMBER    Aunt Marcy sent me first class plane tickets.

BUD      Must've been a great trip.

AMBER    It was. I cashed them in a hitchhiked. [laughs] But, believe me, hitching across the
         country is not as safe as it sounds. I mean, there were some people so freaky, I almost
         didn't get in the car with them. For instance, there was this one guy who picked me up
         outside El Paso. Not that I mind sharing...

Bud's mind starts to wonder as Amber talks on.
Bud dreams that he and Amber are dancing in a black 'n' white nostalgia setting. Music plays. 
Bud is dressed up, Amber is her current clothes. They dance and kiss.

AMBER    I guess I should've dressed up.

BUD      Hey, it's my fantasy. You'll wear what I want you to wear.

They smile and continue dancing. Breezy and the Cherise dance by. Both girls are wearing
bright red bikinis. Amber gives Bud a look.

BUD      Again, my fantasy.

Bud's fantasy ends. He is staring at Amber with his mouth agape.

AMBER    [continuing her story] So I said, "There must be something besides my blouse you can use
         as an oil rag."

BUD      [drooling] Huh?

AMBER    [checking her watch] Ooh, look at the time. I gotta go. If Aunt Marcy caught me here,
         there's no telling what she would do. But I'm sure it would be boring.

Amber pulls the towel off her head and hands it to Bud. 

AMBER    See ya.

BUD      See ya.

She blows Bud a kiss as she leaves. Al enters just as Amber exits.

AL       Cute girl. What happened, wrong house?

BUD      Dad, that was Mrs. D'Arcy's niece. That was Amber.

AL       Marcy's niece? Must be from the unfeathered side of the family.

BUD      [smiling] Dad, uh... you think she and I could ever...

AL       [smiling] Not a chance, Son.

BUD      Thanks, Dad.

AL       Hey, what's a father for? But lookin' on the bright side. Amber's living right next
         door, so sooner or later you'll probably get to see her naked. But whatever you do,
         don't look at Marcy. I did one time and was clinically dead for an hour and a half.


Bud's bedroom.
Bud is sitting up in bed, studying. His eyes close and he falls asleep again.
Amber appears outside Bud's window and goes "psst" twice to get his attention. Bud opens his eyes
and looks under his bed.

BUD      Damn leaky rubber woman!

AMBER    Bud, it's me, Amber.

Bud walks over to the window.

BUD      Amber, what are you doing over here?

AMBER    [climbing in] Well, I had to go somewhere. And since Aunt Marcy said "never ever ever"
         to come over here... [she jumps in] Here I am!

Bud smiles.

AMBER    [rubbing her neck] Ooh, I hurt my neck climbing over the fence. Could you rub it?

Amber sits on the foot of Bud's bed.

BUD      Wi-with my hands?

AMBER    Surprise me.

BUD      [thinking] Wait a minute. I know what's happening. I'm dreaming again. Yeah, that's it.
         As soon as I touch her I'll be in school without my pants on. 

AMBER    Come on, Bud, rub me. Hurry.

Bud sits down behind her and starts massaging her neck and shoulders.

BUD      [thinking] Hey, this is great. Gee, I hope I don't wake up with the whole family staring
         at me. Again.

AMBER    Ooh, your hands feel so strong. Especially the right one. Do you work out?

BUD      Kind of. [thinking] Odd, I don't usually make fun of myself in my dreams. Still, this
         can't be real. Oh well, there's only one way to know for sure.

Bud stops massaging Amber's neck.

BUD      Amber? [she turns to face him] Wanna have sex?

AMBER    Sure.

Bud looks to the camera.

BUD      [thinking] Yep, it's a dream alright. But who cares?

Bud takes Amber's hand and pulls her towards him and the start making out.


Bud is lying upside down on his bed, asleep. Amber is not in the room. Bud wakes up.

BUD      Oh, wow! My first dream where the girl actually said yes!

Bud takes his pillow and cuddles it, about to go back to sleep again.
Amber comes out of Bud's shower room, brushing her hair.

AMBER    Hi, Bud.

Bud's eyes open and he sits up.

BUD      Amber?

AMBER    Shh. 3 am. [she sits on the bed in front of Bud] Look, I've gotta go. But I just want
         you to know that you're by far the best lover I've ever had. [smiles] It's like you
         really know your body.

BUD      Yeah, well you can chalk that up to experience. I mean, with women. Not that I lay here
         at night and feel myself up. That would be really pathetic and dumb.

The arm of Bud's rubber woman has some air left in it so it moves. Bud tries to kick it back
under his bed. Bud looks a bit sheepish.

AMBER    Well, I better get back.

Bud stands.

BUD      Um, Amber? Can I see you tomorrow?

Amber walks over to Bud and gives him a long, passionate kiss.

AMBER    We'll see.

She turns to leave. Just as Amber is about to go down the ladder outside Bud's room, Genghis
appears in the window.


BUD      Next window.

Genghis nods and goes down the ladder.


The Bundy living room.
Bud, Al and Kelly are sitting n the couch, reading Bud's report card.

AL       I can't believe it. After I went out of my way to be quiet so you could study, you
         didn't even get the scholarship. Now you'll be here forever like your mother. Like me!

KELLY    Don't forget me, Daddy.

AL       Like Spike here. 

Amber is seen sneaking in through the back door.

AL       You were supposed to be the Bundy that made it.

KELLY    Yeah. The Great White Pope.

Al looks at Kelly.

AL       Don't help Daddy, Pumpkin.

Amber backs quietly up the stairs and enticingly gestures for Bud to follow her.

AL       Why do you think we even had a second child? We knew that nothing was going to happen
         here. [gestures to Kelly]

BUD      I guess I should be punished then.

AL       Yes, you should. But how?

KELLY    I say we put him up in a sack and throw him off the Sears Tower.

AL       Where the hell am I gonna get a sack?

BUD      Dad, whatever you do. Just don't send me to my room. Especially for a whole week. That
         would kill me.

Al thinks carefully for a moment.

AL       You go to your room! For one week!

BUD      You're a cruel but, uh, fair man.

Bud holds out his hand and Al shakes it. Then Bud runs upstairs happily. 


Transcribed by Marriedaniac


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