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The Best O' Bundy

Interesting Bits: Some classic clips and some extremely oddly-chosen ones. Highlights include 
everything from the beginning to the end of the title sequence and the montage of Kelly clips. 
No mention is made of Seven at all. By the way, none of us at Lower Uncton know who George 
Plimpton is.

Analytical Bit: A mild dig is made at those who would over-analyse the show with Plimpton's 
wildly exaggerated speeches, and it was entirely predictable that he would sit on the sofa 
a la Al at the end. He seems totally unsuitable as a host for an MWC "documentary", which 
may be the point. The title sequence is perfect in capturing the series' unique qualities, 
including Jefferson as a pirate, aliens at the window, the Bundys ransacking a movie theatre 
food counter, Peggy asleep on the couch after a TV overdose and Bud falling from a plane 
without a parachute. 
Overall, the piece seems unsure about whether it is looking back or trying to provide an 
introduction to the show for new viewers; Plimpton explains rather more than we might need. 
A worthy if flawed effort.

Rating: 6.

By Grail


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