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258. 05/05/97  "HOW TO MARRY A MORON"  (1124)

Teleplay: Russell Marcus & Pamela Eells 
Story: Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio

Rating : 5 out of 10.

Lonnie is immediately released due to the penal system being overcrowded and totally
dysfunctional. He returns to marry Kelly, where it is suddenly revealled that Lonnie 
Tot is the son of the owners of Weenie Tots (Al's favourite non nutrishional food).
He's rich, and suddenly the Bundys are imagining life with the Tot fortune bankrolling 

Kelly is so dedicated to the romance she even parts with her 'Little Black Book'. It's 
actually bigger than a phone book, and features the names of various boyfriends, 
teachers, and her girfriends fathers!

Meanwhile, Al partys hard at the Nudy Bar, and discovers Lonnie partying there too. 
Lonnie's showing as much concern about Kelly as Al shows for Peg. And Al doesn't like 
it. Al becomes opposed to the wedding.

Returning home Al finds the Tots have sent over a present - a HUGE projection TV system, 
with the lord of all remote controls. Bud uses the TV to turn Al back in favour of the 
marriage - blasting 'The Duke' onto a 10 foot screen.

Jefferson is the wedding camera man, and aptly labels the occasion as 'Kellys First 
Wedding' - much as he looks on his marriage to Marcy as temporary - until someone 
younger, prettier and richer comes along.

Lonnie's sister, Tatum, has 'Big Wallubies' - Tot talk for a huge ass! And Bud gets 
stitched up as her new beau! Tatum likes this scheme, but Bud's not so sure. In fact, 
he's terrified of her!

Meantime, Lonnie tries his luck with Marcy. Yes, Marcy! Marcy blabs to Al, and Al calls
the ceremony to a halt. All the Tots confess their infidelity. Kelly easily forgets him
and resumes her life with a dozen boyfriends! - Bundy life returns to 'normal'!

By Mad Mutt


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