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257. 05/05/97  "THE DESPERATE HALF-HOUR"  (1123)

Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin

Rating : 6 out of 10.

Starla, the prison based penpal that Bud has lied to is on the run, and looking to get 
all she needs from the Bundy mansion, with a little help from her boyfriend, Lonnie, 
and her gun!

Lonnie is as dim as Kelly, and the two dimwits soon realise they are a match made in 
moron heaven.

Meanwhile Bud is expecting erotic games with a sex starved criminal. He's been promised 
a strip search, and has 'hidden things' on or in his body (the mind boggles!).

The Darcys stumble into the mess. They're dressed for a fancy dress party. Jefferson is 
dressed as a very large animal (a sheep?). Marcy complains of feeling violated when 
Starla takes her Mercedes. Meanwhile the big sheep (Jefferson) is being violated by Lucky, 
who's clamped onto Jefferson's leg in a doggy grip of passion.

Starla sends a bullet flying, blowing the TV remote out of Al's hand. Peg reels in grief 
as 'poor clicky' is blown to smithereens. Peg doesn't seem to give a damn about Al though.

Al takes another bullet - only being saved by his lucky shoehorn in his chest pocket. In 
the absence of the dimwitted Officer Dan, the cops actually succeed in capturing Starla 
and Lonnie. Lonnie proposes to Kelly as the cops haul him off. Kelly accepts... (see next

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