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259. 06/09/97  "CHICAGO SHOE EXCHANGE"  (1121)

Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams / Mark K. Samuels

(The unofficial last episode)

Rating : 6.5 out of 10.

After being ordered to get rid of all the old shoes in the shoestore, Al and Griff 
discover that they can barter the shoes, in trade for other items. They discover a 
massage chair, (The Sweedish Ecstacy 5000) and Al must have it. But in order to get 
it they have to arange a string of barters in order to get the golf clubs the store 
owner will accept in exchange for the chair.

Meantime, Kelly has tried to show off her massaging skills on Bud, and totally 
paralyses him.
Bud's suffering continues while Kelly sticks his numb legs with every pointed object 
in the house while trying to find some feeling in his lower limbs. Jefferson also 
tries to help Bud - by wrenching his neck first one way, then another.
Bud's situation is going from bad to worse.

Eventually they decide to take Bud to the Chiropractor in the New Market Mall. They 
load him into the car - first across the seats, then in the trunk (slamming the lid 
on his legs), then tied to the roof - except Kelly misunderstands the instructions 
to tie him on, and puts a tie on him instead. Bud goes flying off the car when they 
realise the mistake and step onto the brakes. The red and white polka dot bow tie 
does little to break his fall!

Arriving at the mall, Peggy gets distracted buying crap (surprise!!). Jeff and Kelly 
stuff Bud into a tanning unit and forget him (he gets baked!).

Anyway, Al and Griff finally get the massage chair (and not a single shoe left in the 
shoestore!) - then Gary phones up wanting all the old 'Retro' shoes back. The guys 
have to undo all their bartering.

Finally after being paralysed, turned into a human pin-cushion, run over and burnt, 
they load Bud into the massage chair, and stage a pretence that the chair has 
inflicted these awfull injuries to Bud. The chair works its soothing magic, and Bud 
quickly starts to recover. But Al, seeing his scam being ruined, mercilessly pinches 
the nerves in Buds neck to maintain the boy's suffering, and to strengthen Als claim 
that the chair was to blame.

Finally Al and Griff get the shoes back - just in time, as Gary returns to the store 
- only to be scared off by chimp the guys left in the back rooms. The chimp fills in 
nicely doing the guys job of selling shoes, and the program ends with the chimp and Al 
each sitting with a hand down their pants.

By Mad Mutt


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