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255. 04/28/97  "DAMN BUNDYS"  (1120)

 Ben Montanio & Vince Cheung / Richard Correll

Rating : 10 out of 10

This is another brilliant episode. Once again, Al dies. This time instead of a Guardian 
Angel, or Death, the Devil himself calls in to collect Al's soul.

Al loves it in hell - no fat women, no shoe store, no wife and kids. So the Devil has to 
make Al suffer, so the rest of the family are called in to spoil his fun, including the 
Darcys (Marcy dies falling into Al's grave while dancing around it. Jefferson died - 
because it was a Conga line! - a very clever line).

Each of the Bundys has their own little curse to bear. For Peggy it is hooves for hands, 
and she can't work the phone to buy crap anymore. Bud has claws for hands, which shred Isis.
Kelly however turns into a hideous gargoyle whenever a guy is near.

I love the line she has "I hate being a gargoyle... If anyone wants me I'll be perched on 
the roof."

By Mad Mutt


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