Married with Children... All Things Episodic



Oh dear, what shall I say. Well known issues (home shopping, filming), combined with good
ideas (Peg tries to calm down Kel and Al with holograms, Al energizes the phone to keep 
Peg away from it).

Plot #1 is about the commercial shooting at the shoe store. Al's stage fright is enigmatic
to me. He took over a talk show (The Masculine Feminist) and preached in the Church of NO
MA'AM, so what's his problem with a camera? Bud fires him, and so Al becomes jealous on 
Griff. His acts of sabotage were quite funny.

In plot #2, Jeff is afraid of being dropped by Marcy. That's usually Peg's story (Do Ya 
Think I'm Sexy, So this Is How Sinatra Felt [with the shoe groupie], The Proposition [with
"Coco"]). But Steve had this problem, too (The Bald and the Beautiful), so it's almost a 
classic theme. But here we can compare Jeff to Steve quite well. Steve tried to do something
(he bought hair-restorer and joined a group), Jeff found comfort in being an aerobics 
instructor by chance. Make your own choice if you wannabe a Jeffie or a Steve-adore. 
BTW, IMO the episodes between the Steve and the Jeff era were very good. So a husband for
Marcy is not absolutely necessary. 

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

By Andreas Carl


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