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254. 03/31/97  "BIRTHDAY BOY TOY"  (1119)

Terry Maloney & Mindy Morgenstern

Rating : 6.5 out of 10.

Bud gets Kelly and Al a job in a commercial for the shoestore. Despite having 90% more 
brain than Kelly, Al stinks as an actor, and they substitute Griff for the role. Griff 
is great, but Al is sulking, and is determined to sabotage the commercial shoot.

Meantime, Jefferson becomes sensitive about his age, and his fading looks after a girl 
mistook him for her dad. In order to boost Jeffersons moralle, Peggy lures him into the 
trap of home shopping - shooting up with Marcy's credit card (which doesn't have a limit!)
Marcy stumbles onto the sordid scene, and drags Jefferson off to a health club to work off 
his blues. Once there he (or his butt) gets noticed by the girls in the class, and 
Jefferson is quickly elevated to being the star instructor at the aerobics classes - 
which is a good thing, because he has to pay back Marcy for all the crap he and Peggy 
bought. The 3 little words 'I Love You' and 'Hop On Pop' don't do it for Marcy - the 3 
little words she has are 'Get A Job!'

Finally, Griffs fame in the TV commercial backfires, when all the customers stampede into 
the shoestore looking for a piece of their star.

By Mad Mutt


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