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248. 01/27/97  "T*R*A*S*H"  (1114)

Teleplay: Terry Maloney & Mindy Morgenstern,
Story: Todd Newman & David Faustino * / Amanda Bearse *

**This is the episode where Faustino has a go at co-writing. For a first attempt by a 
young actor, it is reasonably good, but it loses strength towards the end and is 
topped up with the sort of patriotic themes and military hero bullshit that we've been
drowned in for years - the sort of bullshit that MWC normally sends up instead. On the 
positive side, it contains one of the best lines I've ever enjoyed (see below).

First two thirds - 8 out of 10 (good laughs, good plot).
Final third - 5 out of 10.
Overall rating 6.5

There's a garbage collectors strike, and the neighbourhood is filling up with stinky 
trash. Most of it is mysteriously finding its way from the Bundys place into Marcys back

Jefferson tells Al and Griff about The Reserves - a place where you hang out with the 
guys (away from the wives), and get free meals and a bed all to yourself. The guys 
suddenly feel the urge to serve their country! So while the guys are partying at boot 
camp, the rest of the Bundy household celebrates getting rid of Al.

Boot camp proves to be too demanding on the guys, but before they get booted out, they 
are called up for service - to collect all the garbage!

The guys get showered in garbage from the striking garbage collectors, and Griff suffers 
a direct hit. Mocking a war movie death scene, Griff in his final breaths asks that Al 
contact his ex wife...
Al interupts with 'And tell her that you love her?' and Griff answers. 'No. To tell her 
she's a Bitch!!'  [Brilliant Bundy style!!!]

By Mad Mutt


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