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1113 - God Help Ye, Merry Bundymen

Good episode. It was the first season 11 episode with snow - on the first white 
day in my home town this fall.

I like Gary. She always stays cool, but sometimes she has to smile a little bit 
about all the idiots around her. But she is a bit often in the small shoe store; 
remember, she is #401 in the Forbes list of the richest Americans.

Peggy as a successfull cook? Not really. When she cooks, you mustn't eat the food 
as it's art. Very consistent by the writers. She stole Marcy the prize, just as 
she broke Al's bowling record in one of the early seasons.

Al trying to find a new job? Already seen. The Kelly/Bud blackmail story is kind 
of new, but you can compare it to the phonesex episode in season 10. However, the 
quality of the jokes makes episodes good or bad, not the plot. "Will stop singing 
for a quarter" or an unexpected Michael Jackson joke can turn an episode with 
deja-vu plots into a good one.

When Kel was playing the cool and strong girl (slapping Bud's face), did she make 
a parody on somebody? 

Rating: 7 out of 10.

By Andreas Carl


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