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252. 03/10/97  "LIVE NUDE PEG"  (1112)

 Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams / Amanda Bearse

This episode would be a great tool to enrage a bunch of feminists. It starts
off with the No Ma'am-ers using a stripper as a limbo bar, and basically
enjoying bimbos to the max. (Raise the Bimbo, it's time to limbo!)

Rating: 7 out of 10.  This episode has a well structured storeyline, but is
softer on the laughs.

With Al practically living at the Nudie Bar, Peg decides to go down there in
disguise, and pose as an exotic damcer on Amateur Night. Jasmine (Peg)
proves to be very alluring, particularly to Al, but before she can reveal
her face to Al he runs off in a heat of lust to find Peg for some earth
shaking sex. Naturally Peg finds this situation is VERY pleasing, and
decides to keep her 'other' identity secret, with the Bundys continuing to
enjoy some great sex while Al fantasises about his dream girl... Jasmine.

Naturally, once Peg finally reveals that she is Jasmine, Al is horrified, and 
no longer wanting sex with her.

By Mad Mutt


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