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Ok, it is Thanksgiving, and I just got done watching this episode. Wow! Season eleven really does 
throw you some stuff, huh? But, actually, for season eleven, this one was surprisingly good.
It starts with the typical Al and Peggy crazy stuff in the living room:
"He failed his TB test, Peg!"  Al
"I told him to study!"  Peg
"So Peggy, are you going to cook a turkey for your family this Thanksgiving?"  Marcy
"Huh??? You expect me to cook on a holiday?? Homemaking is a job too, you know!"  Peg
"Why don't you apply for it Peg?"  Al
But once they get in the church for Aunt Maggie's funeral, it goes completely downhill. Probably 
the only good line from the time they get in the church is:
"I have waited a year for a piece of this pie, now, unless you wanna make this a double funeral, 
stop singing!"  Al
First little bit is good, but once they get in the church... it dies.
Rating: 5 out of 10.

By Justice


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