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1111  -  A Bundy Thanksgiving

Aha, a parody. MWC does gospel churches and black culture? Er, yes. This starts off 
promisingly but goes downhill really, which is a bit of a let-down after some really 
enjoyable Season 11 episodes. The ghost of Season 10, anybody? Griff and the choir 
is the nadir of this episode, although Al surrendering the pie to everyone else is 
rather suspect as well. On the plus side, Kelly and her turkey is quite funny, 
especially with everyone else trying desperately to kill it. One for those of us who 
want to see deeper subtexts in the show - a child with a pet being besieged by a 
family who want the animal dead? Or just a piece of fun? And a truly *hilarious* 
final end (for the turkey). 

But the funeral in the church just doesn't manage to be what it should have been. 
It's a little too pat, too rehearsed - seen it before, laughed at it before. The 
Heavenly Pie is a good idea but the football-style charge has been done before 
("All Night Security Dude" and "Dud Bowl II") and far better, as well. Gospel 
churches have also been parodied before. Usually the show manages to come up with new 
ironies and twists on the theme, but here it just echoes these earlier examples (such 
as the choir scene). Who was it named the Reverend Hightower anyway? Were they trying
to get Bubba Smith on the show again?

I think that rather sums it up, which illustrates another point - the show is a bit 
thin really, since I can only find two paragraphs of review. In one ear, out the other, 
should've been better than it was.

Rating 7/10. 

By Grail


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