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1110  -  BUD ON THE SIDE

Now, that was sitcom as there are some funny "embarrassing" situations with Bud and Gary.
Unfortunately, David Faustino is not used to the "in love" look (only the "horny" look). 
We have also seen Al not minding anything when he has something to eat before (The 
Undergraduate, 922). 

Gary's appearances in the series were usually funny, unlike Ephraim Wanker or Seven. It 
was a good idea to make an episode about her (yes, she already had many lines in "Children
of the Corns" (1102)), but where was Marcy? Maybe the writers thought that one strong 
woman per episode is enough. Or she made a trip to Montana to spur her Mercedes (no speed
limit, right?). 

What was Gary's pet name for Bud? Does Alex know that Belgian bonbons were mentioned? 
German TV didn't show a lead-out scene, so was there one? Are there any scenes during the
end credits in season 11? And what is the meaning of life? 

Rating: 7 out of 10.

BTW, the co-writer of this episode, Christian McLaughlin, was the gay
reindeer dancer in "God Help Ye, Merry Bundymen" (1113).

By Andreas Carl


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