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1110  -  BUD ON THE SIDE

"Wha-Wha-What are you doing?" Bud
"You!" Gary

Good episode. Average anyway. Sees Al's boss Gary dating Bud, and Al doesn't like it, until 
Gary gets him a breakroom and whatever else he wants. Then he mischeviates:
Al, Peggy, and Kelly throw a dinner when Bud breaks up with her. A BIG dialogue triumph was:
"Oh Piglet, I almost forgot, I got you a present!" Gary
"Thank you, Pooh Bear!" Bud
"If they start talking about the honey pot, I've bids on the sink." Griff

Like I said, an average episode for me, but you will enjoy it if you are a die hard MWC fan, 
you will find this hilarious, but if you are like me and just enjoy the show, it will be 
average.  7.

By Justice


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