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1106  -  Kelly's Gotta Habit

Episodes with two independent plots are usually quite good. The pace is higher, and 
because of the switches you can't really anticipate what you will see one minute later.

To the Kelly part. Finally a show about catholics! Kelly having to play a virginal, 
pure girl was overdue (the scene in "It's A Bundyful Life 2", where the "Jablonskys" 
live in harmony and where Kelly is modest, is one of my favourite ones). Carolyn wrote 
that the pottery joke was obvious, but it was funny to see Kelly's works anyway. But 
maybe she gave up her efforts too soon. Steve had a similar problem in "The Razor's 
Edge" (210), but Al helped him with the famous photo of his mother-in-law.

To the Al part. Okay, it was a parody on reality TV. We hardly have this here on the 
Continent. But what is "Cops", anyway? BTW, the episode started with Al and Jeff 
sitting on the Couch, listening to the running "Cops" theme song (I remember somebody 
wanted to know that for reruns). I liked Al's action assault on Marcy's house. Quite a 
contrast to the boring episodes where Buck is running around for minutes or where Al 
and Peg are just sitting on the couch. The sex game of the D'Arcys was to ROTFL.

Tina Yothers' part was useless to me. 7 points out of 10. It would be 8 points if I 
knew Cops.

By Andreas Carl


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