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I don't get that everyone always says that this is one of the dumbest episodes from the last
season. This episode is entirely hilarious. It seems that there's a joke or a gag every three
seconds. True, most of the laughs come from Al's past, they are still as humorous as when they
were first heard. This is like a "Greatest Hits" collection of Al's fat jokes, tied in with some
very clever new recordings.

Do you want us to gag you?  (Fat woman)
You're already doing that, but I would like to be blindfolded.  (Al)

We are trying to teach this man that his behaviour towards us is unacceptable. (Fat woman)
But a better use of time would be to teach each other the words, 'No thank you, I'm full.'  (Al)

Even the subplot of Bud and Kelly trying to put black tint on Al's Dodge was pretty funny. Only
Kelly can get away with hitting Bud on the head with a hammer, then using the same hammer to hit
a window, breaking it. Blaming it all on Bud was the icing on the cake. One of Al's finest "When
I was a kid..." speeches pops up in here, too. He pours his heart and soul into trying to convince
the fat woman he was fat when he was a kid as well. You knew they were going to fall for it, but
that's the beauty of Al's speeches. He can win over just about anyone by uttering some nice
sounding mumbo-jumbo.

The Final Verdict: This is one of the all-time classics. Don't let other people who say this
episode sucks get you down. It has just about all of Al's fat jokes coupled into one half-hour, 
and he lets off some side-splitting new ones. 

The proper term is "Little People".  (Fat woman)
That's the proper term for anyone standing next to you!  (Al) 



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