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Outstanding episode. Many good jokes (e.g. Al has a scanner to make an account of 
Bud's costs). I can say now that season 11 is much better than seasons 9 and 10. 
I was not shocked when I heard of the cancellation half a year ago as I thought 
that the show was dying. But now I see that the quality of season 11 couldn't have
been the reason for Fox's decision. BTW, "Bud on the Side" was the number one show
of the German TV station Pro 7 on Monday. But they still cut off anything after 
the end of the main part. May the Bundy curse plague them!

Jeff had really very few appearances in the last few shows. I remember speculations
one year ago that he would leave the show. But he got an episode of his own later 
(Birthday Toy Boy), and nobody ever said anything that really hints at the "fact" 
that he would leave. Very strange. BTW, I pefered Jeff's Al improvisation (in 
"The Juggs", 1108) to Kelly's one in this episode.

The scenes were well-timed (does this word exist?), none of them became boring 
(e.g. Kel's "History of America" improvisation, Al 'n' Peg making fun of Bud as 
a baby, Bud's experiments with Al, Marcy's story about how she bacame a feminist). 

Rating: 7 out of 10.

By Andreas


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