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1104  -  Grime and Punishment

This was a good episode, and I liked the pro-Bundy ending, with Al and Bud bonding.  
The use of Kelly and Peg was just right; the Marcy bit could have been better done, 
though the idea was right on target. Once again Jefferson made only a technical 
appearance.  (Does Ted McGinley suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?)  Not a lot 
of real laugh-out-loud jokes (a few though), but a very classic feel to it.  I
thought they didn't explore a lot of obvious opportunites but then I think that's 
just as well, for the most part.  The "Al gets raped in prison" bit wasn't overdone, 
which was a nice surprise.  Although like "The Stepford Peg" it was sex with Peg 
that drove the conlcusion on this one--hope they don't get into a string of episodes 
like that (like the Marcy vs. Al/No Ma'am run a couple seasons ago).

Some daring costumes for CA--the opening one looked like her costume from "Mars 
Attacks."  (Which I finally saw today, BTW--three short scenes of CA: Making out 
with a guy at a bustop while wearing a very sleazy outfit, crying at a funeral, 
making out with a different guy in a trailer.  No real lines--just short comments/
phrases -- definitely a disappointment as far as getting to see a different side of 
her.  Oh well maybe Ed O'Neill's appearance in Prefontaine will deliver more.)

Once again the ads had created inaccurate impressions, namely that a.) they'd be 
courtward-bound, and b.) the device on Al would glow blue when activated.  Why, I 
ask? I preferred the non-glowing collar in the show.  (Speaking of collars, 
shouldn't Lucky have made a wisecrack at some point?)

(Directed by Sam W. Orender; Written by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher.)

By Jeffery J. Leader


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