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1104  -  Grime and Punishment

I give this one a B-. They did the implausible plot the right way: just
jump into it headfirst, and don't expect the implausibility to be funny
in and of itself.

The plot was simple, but they surrounded it with a lot of fairly good
stuff. The best part was Kelly's "improves". She does: Al watching TV,
Al mowing the lawn, and the history of America in 4 costume changes.
Also worth mentioning: Marcy's speech on how she became a feminist.
Peg's conjugal visit -- which could easily have been trite since we've
seen Peg force herself on Al so many times, but somehow this time turned
out OK. The unhappy fate of Al's father (poor guy!). Bud's engineering
the whole thing.

Best lines: When the inspector says "I'm standing in a puddle of raw
sewage", Al answers "Your control problems are your own business."
(Wording is approximate). "As God is my witness, I'll never be horny

Didn't work: Kinko's money. Bud's night in the doghouse.

By Tom


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