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247. 01/20/97  "GRIME AND PUNISHMENT"  (1104)

Steve Faber & Bob Fisher / Sam W. Orender

Rating : 10 out of 10. This episode is superb! Some people have complained that in the last few seasons MWC wasn't as good. Admittedly, some episodes were kinda tame, but this episode is a shining example of some brilliant comedy in those final years. Compliments must also go to those controlling the set and the continuity. There's a Crazy Achmed box from an episode 24 episodes earlier. [223. 01/07/96 "THE HOOD, THE BUD AND THE KELLY (PART 1)" (1014)] Much like any home, the box has been kept cluttering up the basement. Bud gets a well paying job producing a commercial, and when Al finds out he insists that Bud pay rent for the basement. Bud in turn insists that Al makes repairs to the basement if he is to become a formal tenant. Al refuses, and a housing inspector is called in. The inspector condems the place, and brands Al a slum-lord. She puts an electronic mobility limiting collar around Al's neck, forcnig him to stay in the basement until he agrees to make repairs. With Al trapped, Bud sees the opportunity to have a lot of fun at Al's expense, and he tortures his dad. First with food placed just out of reach, then with Marcy describing a kind of lesbian scene with a bunch of feminists, then with Kelly doing her mindless 'improv' classes, and finally with Peg taking advantage of the hapless prisoner. Eventually Al surrenders, and agrees to make repairs. He even shows new respect for Bud, because Bud did things the Bundy way - he got mad, and he got even. Much like Al got even with his dad - enlisting him in the army and shipping him off to Korea (from where he returned in a wheelchair - ticked off, but proud of his son - confirmed by him blinking two times for 'Yes').
By Mad Mutt


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