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1103 - TWISTED

I wonder what happened in between Season 10 and 11. I don't think there are any people
on this newsgroup who would say the former was even an average season; yet, on the 
strength of "Twisted", I'm already looking forward to the eleventh season with a little 
more hope.

Perhaps it's the little cosmetic changes - Al has a new shirt, for example - or perhaps
it's something deeper, like a change in the production crew (I didn't check). Whatever 
caused it, the show seems to have found a new impetus in this episode. For example, Bud. 
In earlier seasons he didn't even get anywhere with any women, or almost never. In this 
episode he does get Ariel, but goes to such ridiculous lengths that it's funny anyway. 
The character has changed but not in such a way that we lose all connection to previous 
years; a new kind of comedy but done with the surety of touch that 11 years of practice 
can bring. 

The actual plot of the episode is one of those throw-all-characters-in-a-room-and-let-
them-fight stories we have all seen a thousand times. However, it's enlivened by several 
little touches that make it a bit more special; Al and Jefferson's crafty door-ram (Bud!),
Ariel's innocent insults, the Secret Exit, Kelly's "special possessions", and one or two 
others. There is still the occasional drool, such as the woman whose dress is blown away 
outside the shoe store, or Ariel's slightly OTT bounces (note the halter top and denim 
shorts as worn by thousands of MWC babes before her), but it's briefer - no pun intended
- and it doesn't act as a substitute for the plot.

The month's looking up. The good shows are back!
Rating 8/10.

By Grail


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