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1102  -  Children of the Corns


The child-labor-exploitation thing really didn't gel. Perhaps it was the boy with the obvious
fake hook. Perhaps it was because it's the dozenth time Bud has gotten into screaming trouble.
Perhaps it was that it all happened too neatly -- Al could find a sweatshop that quickly?

The blackmailing Gary thing didn't do very well either. Perhaps it was that the whole blackmail
thing happened too easily. Maybe it was because Al's terror-stricken attitude is gone, and Gary
just stands there taking it for no apparent reason. I did like her Kathie Lee Gifford line, but
that's a lot of setting-up for the one line.

The B plot worked better and a lot more naturally.

Unlike last week's Twisted, the physical comedy was rare. The joke where Al high-fived the
hook-hand boy worked.

There was a clever twist on the Marcy/Chicken running gag.

Most striking: They re-used a joke from the 3rd season almost word for word. I guess that 
settles the deal:

        "Well I was the one who didn't feed him... oops. Well, just
        let's say next time I get a pet you can let him starve."

But the continuation was funny. Best part of the show: *pop* *pop*.

Second best line: "This isn't the closet, this is the, uh" *ding!* "...elevator!"

Nitpick: Al and Griff don't have salaries to cut, Gary put them on commission a while back. 
Was that in "Something Larry This Way Comes"?

By Tom


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