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1101  -  The Stepford Peg

  SYPNOSIS: Peggy bumps her head and becomes "bizarro Peg" who cleans the house,
            cooks, only shops for grorceries, and does not like sex. Also the 
            first appearance of NO MA'AM for this season.
    REVIEW: Episode stretched the "bizarro Peg" jokes too long. A sub-plot of 
            Bud and Kelly looking for her reflection in the bathroom mirror 
            could have more time devoted to it.

 BEST LINE: PEG: Am I in Hell?
             AL: No Peg, if you were in Hell you would be sitting
                 on a throne and the Devil will be packing.

WORST JOKE: You do not want to know what Peg used to stir the cocktails 
            (have mute button ready).

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