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1101  -  The Stepford Peg

B-. MWC proves once again that it can parody anything.

It is a bit disorienting to see Peg actually being a good wife/mother/human being, 
but it gives her character some much-needed space to breathe. In 11 years she has 
had only 2 or 3 short breaks from horrible-human-being-ness: _It's a Bundyful Life, 
part 2_, _Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?_ where she brings baked goods to the shoe store, 
that's about it until _The Stepford Peg_.

I thought Marcy's bits were exactly right. She's horrified... until there's 
something in it for her.

The bit between Al & Peg after Marcy "lets the real Peg out of the bag" was rather 

The NO MA'AM gang seems to have slipped away from Antifeminism into just a bunch 
of beer-buddies. Too bad. Cute round-girl, but gratuitous.

The bit where Peg regains her memory was just about right. They didn't overexplain 
it or over-punchline it.

Interesting twist at the very end... We *know* Kelly is an idiot who has escaped 
from a Polish joke, and she can't possibly be right... but...

I notice Fox held this back until now, when it was originally scheduled for the 
season premiere. This was a good episode, and it was probably a good idea to hold 
it until the timeslot stablized.

By Tom


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