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1022 - Al Goes to the Dogs

Up until this episode premiered, The Proposition was my favorite, but after I saw this one, 
The Proposition moved down to number two, and Al Goes To The Dogs took the number one spot 
on my list of favorites, and it still is my favorite after all this time.
"What do you mean this doghouse has to come down? Me and my son Carlos just put it up!"  Al
"You have no permit."  Inspector
"It's a doghouse!"  Al
"You say it's a doghouse, but what's to keep you from renting it out to a family?"  Inspector
"The fact that it's two feet by two feet!?"  Al
"Sorry Bundy. No permit -- no doghouse." Inspector
"No doghouse -- no brain!"  Al
Al is trying to build a doghouse for Lucky, when all of the sudden, Marcy has an inspector 
keep messing it up because it was making two much noise. Ed O' Neill was at his funniest here, 
and other then his no doghouse no brain, his funniest line was:
"Now why would a dog need plumbing? He's not going to wash himself after he marks a tree. 
If he's dirty, he's going to drag himself on the ground, just like I'm gonna do you if you don't 
soon approve this doghouse!!"  Al
The best season ten episode, and the best episode throughout the series.
A BIG 10 out of 10! And I haven't stopped loving it yet...

By Justice


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