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225. 02/04/96  "CALENDAR GIRL"  (1016)

 Fran E. Kaufer / Amanda Bearse
This may be another episode where Peg is away due to Pregnancy. She is shown only briefly from the chest upwards. Rating: 9 out of 10. Good sexist storyline. Plenty of fun. Lots of pretty girls wearing very little. This episode involves Al and Floyd Babcock (another shoestore owner in the same mall) battling for superiority via their sons. Bud and 'Little Floyd' have to compete for a brillinat marketing scheme. Bud stumbles onto the plan of creating a calendar featuring the sexiest girls from his college. And the star girl is a knockout (but she has a nasty secret - hence the eventual, inevitable Bundy failure). Once again the episode ends with the Bundy living room full of boxes of merchandise that is now worthless trash. (How many times have we seen that?) One stroke of brilliance is when Al threatens to cut Bud out of his Will. Then Al realises that is not a punishment. Instead he threatens to put the kids IN the Will. "You'll owe millions!" The episode credits show Bud in the background, abandoned by the family, frozen in shock at the realisation that he's had a 'walk on the wild side'.
By Mad Mutt


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