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This is a good episode; it's actually enjoyable, and I'm beginning to agree
with everyone else that such episodes are pretty rare in Season Ten. The
plot was fairly basic but nonetheless good, although I think it's as much
the experience and skill of the regular cast which made it so, as much as
the script. The episode also illustrates a pet theory of mine, namely that
you can have something be stunningly obvious and yet still get a laugh when
they finally break the news - see "Paintball" in 'Drop the Dead Donkey' for
the best example, although there are others. Here we *all* knew what
Crystal's revelation would be but it remained funny somehow, albeit that I
wasn't over-keen on David Faustino's reaction. Just freezing isn't funny.

Well, more drooling shots this episode, which is becoming something of an
overdone thing. Good joke about the contact lens, sort of. But we'll gloss
over the calendar shoot. The bit before this is much better, with Al and
Griff versus Floyd and Little Floyd, about whom we've never heard before,
despite an apparent 20-year vendetta. Hmm. Floyd himself isn't great but the
son is quite funny and reminds me of one of the '3rd Rock from the Sun'
actors (the older young man). 

Funny, but a day later I can't seem to think of much to say about this
episode. Although I did enjoy watching it I think it seems to have been
pretty much fluff - that is to say, in one ear and straight out the other,
and unlike the older classics the episode doesn't have any special lines
that you can quote and quote. This is a 'soap-opera show'; nothing big,
nothing special, but nothing bad.

All in all, better than many but not a classic. 6/10.

By Grail


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