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1014 - 1015  -  The Hood, The Bud and The Kelly, parts 1 and 2

As you probably all guessed, the reason there was no comment posted Friday
is because it was a two-parter and I didn't want to look an idiot by
prejudging something in P1 that was to be explained in P2. Looks like I
needn't have bothered. :-)

Oh boy was this dire. The worst bit of the story was Bob Rooney being picked
up and flown 70ft into the air by a giant bird who has apparently been
nesting on the Bundys' roof. Hmm. For some reason they left a plot thread
dangling as well - the wives are still in the house and the men are still on
the roof at the end of the tale, leaving us no wiser as to a conclusion. And
I expect in tonight's episode things will be back to normal. Bah. 

But to take things logically....the setpiece with Bud and the
First/Second/Third/Last Banks of Chicago was amusing, at least to the friend
with whom I was watching it. I enjoyed it too, I think. This plot thread as
a whole was far more entertaining than the satellite-dish one. I really did
like the Charlie's Angels/Mobsters takeoff in the gym at the end of Part
Two, and it was interesting to see Richard Moll (being as I'm a 'Highlander'
watcher too). David Faustino gets more than three lines in this story, which
is also good. Liked his faux ponytail too. Oops, frawg word. :-)

On the downside the other plotline is horrible, a complete ripoff of the
earlier episode "Hi IQ" (Season Six) where Al and Jefferson try to make a
Handyman's Workbench. They even have the same joke about opening the box
taking five minutes! I suppose from an American point of view this would be
four years later, which mitigates it *slightly*, but for me it's only been
four months, so I'm not impressed. The only really good joke is when Al
realises this will mean Peg watching TV all night and he gazes at her in
utter delight. That was funny. Pity about everything else.

Dire and I'm not rewatching it EVER. 3/10 for Part One, 1/10 for Part Two.

By Grail


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