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I am befuddled. Confused.

Well, I'm really not sure what to make of this episode. The two plots were
distinctly different in tone and style, so I'll deal with them separately.
Like Carolyn, I have come to dislike Ephraim Wanker; I don't know if Tim
Conway is/was famous in the States before MWC but on the strength of this he
doesn't deserve to be famous after it. Too much clowning around and not
enough good lines; there's even a pale echo of Al in his "travel agent"
routine at 9764 Jeopardy Lane. Some good Al lines at the marriage-camp place
don't make up for those scenes being rubbish. Apparently the counselor was
in "Roseanne" but I haven't seen the show since 1991. I don't think the man
can act anyways. So all in all pretty poor.

The early scene at the Bundy house, however, was GOOD. Us Jeffies are having
a good week of it since Ted McGinley's zombified speech made me laugh and I
did enjoy the "take, take four" line. Much fun came from this and
made the beginning of the episode seem distinctly promising. Then we carry
on with Kelly and Bud at the house, which is basically a one-joke story
where Bud's getting tons and Kelly's got nothing. So all the comedy comes
from the contrast but unfortunately the Spanish man (Carlos) couldn't act
and, though Christina Applegate was trying valiantly, I couldn't quite
believe even Kelly liked him. Interestingly, one of my (female) friends said
"that's a gorgeous dress" two seconds before Bud's line about an 'easy
access dress'. This is what being an MWC fan does to you...

Some good, some bad. Rating : 6.5/10

By Grail


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