Married with Children



Well, I have not been reviewing in a long time due to personal stuff, but I am back, and I am
better than ever.
"And your not choking anymore?"  Jefferson
"No. But you are!!"  Al
Wow, I never, ever, thought I would come out and admit this, but I enjoy this one. Actually, for
season ten, this is pretty good.

Season ten is known for some weak episodes, and while the plot is weak in here, Ed O' Neill and
Ted McGinley are hilarious and they really strike up some laughs.
"I'm just an average woman."  Shannon
"With way above average hooters."  Al
"Thank you. God and Doctor Markowitz have been kind."  Shannon
With an appearance by Shannon Tweed, two beautiful Swedish girls, Katey Sagal's brother, and the
auction scene, you have one of the best episodes in season ten.
All capped off by hilarious Ed O' Neill and above average Ted McGinley!

8 out of 10 (5 for Al, 3 for Jefferson)

By Justice


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