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1011  -  The Two That Got Away

Well, I was warned in advance not to expect much and that's probably a good
thing. First off I'm not overly familiar with Shannon Tweed (though I've
heard the name) and anyway she's not as good-looking as the MWC writers
seemed to think. The Swedish pair were better. The story itself is, as Al
himself says, a little dodgy even for this show; Al is right on the edge of
betraying Peg at the end, and I found that inconceivable given that he
wouldn't do it with Vanna White two seasons ago but is happy enough with Ms

The media auction is mildly amusing just as it was in "Ship Happens", poking
fun at their voracious appetites and still relevant given the recent (UK)
furore over Diana's death. But overall this episode is fairly disjointed and
I got the vague impression it might've been a two-parter squeezed and cut
down into one, for some reason. The episode is largely concerned with Al and
Jefferson above all else but neither Ed O'Neill nor Ted McGinley seem
particularly lively. 

Rotten, in summary. 4/10.

By Grail


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