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1008  -  Blonde And Blonder

OK, shorter review now 'cos nobody thought the last one was interesting and
'cos I theoretically have studying to do :-)

Not so good an episode all told. A couple of good moments like the Twister
game and Bud getting Ashley behind the seats (why do they call 'em
bleachers?), and Al shouting at Peg's mum are the only highlights in what is
basically a desperate attempt to poke fun at how stupid Kelly + girls can
be. Which we know already. It's trying to be MWC's parody of Clueless, but
since Clueless was a parody already this comes full circle and thus ends up
not being funny. Also rather repetitive on the drooling bit...yes, the girls
are nice, but not over and over references to breasts/short skirts/The Move
etc. The best scene is with all the girls in the Bundy house and Bud lurking
around them, and even then it's not very good. All in all about 4/10 and I
hope tonight's ("The Two That Got Away") will be better.

By Grail


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