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1007  -  Flight of the Bumble Bee

So we saw 'Flight Of The Bumblebee' yesterday. Not bad, even good, considering that they didn't
dragged Peg's mom into the story. Nothing new in this episode of course. The umpteenth variation
on the No Ma'am No Brainers, but there were nice touches. Best bit was I guess the moment where
Al showed BobRooney's belly to the Halloween kids in order to confiscate their trick or treats.
Also funny was the bit wherein Ike stated that Elvis still was alive. Although the best dialogue
came from King Kong Bundy, considering Captain Ecology. That he couldn't come to the wrestling
game because his solar car couldn't start since it was clouded. Now, that's funny. Storywise it
was not bad, but a little predictable. Bud getting beaten up (or at least a puppet looking like
Bud, they must have a whole stack of those dummies) over and over, the whole wrestling sequence
looked like a lame variation on Al's fate in 'You gotta know how to fold em', complete with the
shadow of King Kong Bundy replacing that of Big Bad Mama. The two storylines coming together at
the end was a bit of a surprise, and not that funny per se, but at least it gelled. And compared
to other endings of season 10 (A Shoeroom With A View, The Weaker Sex, Bearly Men, Love Conquers
Al, The Hood, The Bud and The Kelly, The Joke's On Al) that's a small blessing.

One little question (even the person who did the subtitles lost it over here) : in the scene
wherein Peg grabs Al there where it hurts *g*, what word does Al say before giving her the
candybar ? I just didn't understand it, was almost un-audible for a Belgian single guy trying to
catch all the nuances.

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