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1006  -  The Weaker Sex

Last night we had 10.05 "The Weaker Sex", where Peg takes a self-defence
class and ends up shaming Al after she knocks out a robber. I was watching
this with a (female) friend and we both liked the scenes of Al "losing" his
masculinity. Especially his willingness to have a fight with Peg no matter
what Jefferson's saying. :-)

But to start from the beginning. The Shoe Race is brilliant and we cracked
up laughing. Thought this would be a good episode, especially Griff having
to threaten to use the surveillance camera...which prompts Al into making
more admissions of guilt than he was originally suspected of. A reasonable
Peg-Al interaction in the shoe store which didn't particularly sparkle but
which we enjoyed.

Good scene at home with Al's shoe and Kelly's advice on how to treat a
woman. We hate Lucky. Then we move to the cinema. MIRANDA'S BACK!!! We love
this woman. My friend is the only one who can say her whole name without a
single mistake or hesitation, but that's because she speaks some Spanish.
Anyway, this scene is OK until we get to the robber. It just doesn't gel
somehow. Al loves beating people up (Kelly's boyfriends, thieves, everyone),
so why doesn't he hit this bloke here? Miranda's speech to the camera is a
good one though.

Advert break. Then downhill. Most of the stuff in the bar with the
black-leather people was a little cringeworthy, although Bud and the Big
Woman was good. So was the sight of Al sniffing at each man one by one!
However, it was obvious that this was a bit of padding where they were
trying to fill time. We started our own MWC quotes contest during this bit.

Oh, but we love the request for Al to make "herbal tea"!!!!! And the final
conclusion with Genghis is bad again. When MWC starts to parody itself
reality gets so twisted it has to be a really sparkling script for it to be
at all funny. Not here. It was such a slooooowwwww setup for Al to punch
Genghis that we were yawning a bit. 

In summary : good beginning, OK middle, and after the adverts our fingers
were itching for an FF button. Pity we were watching it live. :-(

Rating : 5/10.

By Grail


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