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0923  -  User Friendly

User Friendly ($$$)

This episode, on the other hand, is a real winner. It's sharply written,
and contains a lot of offbeat nonsense that made the mwc-past so glorious.
The a & b plot peacefully worked next to each other (and they wore both
outrageously funny).
Sure, the electricity plot was a rip off from 'Hi I.Q., but it still worked
and looked original enough. Besides, there were some great variations on
that theme. Like Al checking the same electrical shock applying wire twice
'Just a I thought...'/Jefferson seeking revenge upon Al by plugging two
wires into his ears/Al sitting with the enormous amount of wires in his lap
'Odd, I just saw my life flashing by'/Al embracing Peg in his power status
'Bake me'/and ofcourse Bob Rooney getting lost inside the Bundyhouse.
Hell, they may always do a third electrical show, if it's again as funny as
this one...

The virtual sex plot also was on the spot (so to speak). What about that
corky cybersexscene background, huh ? Not exactly the most expensive matte
photography scene ever used, but it had a nice visual 'hey guys, it's mwc

User Friendly once again proves that you can't underestimate the Bundys
:even in floundering times they can and will kick back, giving each and
every other sitcom the runs. User Friendly proves that amidst the 'we've
seen better storms', Al and his troops still stand strong. And if they
could do it in season 9, they can do it in 12 as well. And 13. And 47...

One question though : in this ep they used an insert shot for the medical
examination building wherein Bud ends up. Why? Insert shots are not
commonly used (thank god, like if we have the Cosbyneed to see some
buildings between scenes) in MWC, the most obvious one they used was in
'The Dateless Amigo', when Al tried to sell his shoelights.

Nevertheless, a great episode, with another bunch of rude Bud interchanges
with Amber (his final ones, sob) and more five star jokes than anyone could
And, as if a great A & B plot weren't enough, a great end joke. Even though
I did know the outcome already from scooping when I saw it for
the first time, it was loughing out loud time all around. They just put the
right intonation into Buck's voice when he said : 'Man, I got to find out
where that light switch is.'

MWC, for ever !!!

By Alex


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