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0919  -  Ship Happens (Part 1)

Interesting Bits: Any of the vignette scenes in the cabin are worthy of a mention, especially 
the drunken Marcy and the aerobics teacher. Wolfman Jack is playing himself (we presume) with 
gusto and thus comes across as infinitely better than Vanna White in The Proposition, for 
example. The woman who plays the aerobics instructor has been spotted in Baywatch by one of us 

Analytical Bit: Until the cruise begins this story is slightly slow-moving; then it speeds up 
and becomes a classic tale. Virtually all of every cabin scene is hilarious and it made us 
rewind the tape several times because we were laughing too much to hear properly. The dancing 
party after 6:00pm on the cruise liner is oddly direct; we've noticed that much of MWC's 
"eroticism" is implied rather than shown, yet this party goes on for minutes and is surprisingly 
direct. It also seems to suggest that Marcy is committing drunken adultery with Jefferson's full 
knowledge. These strange bits shouldn't get in the way of enjoying the episode, though, and enjoy 
it we certainly did.

Rating: 10.

By Grail


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