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0917  -  Get the Dodge Out Of Hell 


Clearly, an episode written with love, with respect for the characters and situations, and
above all topped with a nice sense of nostalgia. Who says they didn't delivered classics in
season 9 ?

The opening sequence was a real winner. An imitiation on numerous 'We don't wanna go to Wanker
County' bits before, but it was handled great. And acted great too. Bud's 'of course' while
starting packing the suitcase after Kelly screwed the story up was great. The enlargement of 
the joke with Griff coming in, telling about the gigantic shoe sale, and even Buck with the
thermometer are classics.

It slowed a little bit down in the initial sequence in the car wash (Al searching out the Ned
Beatty tapes), but once the Dodge disappeared, the perfect joke timing returned, with great 
lines for the entire cast. Al going through the car wash is another classic sight gag, and the
ending ('Come to think of it, I bought a red Dodge') was perfect. Only MWC could put something
that stupid into something that beautiful and inspired.

Of course, there was Steve's return too (seems he should have bought Dr. Fur in this episode
instead of in 'The Bald and the Beautiful'), so more nostalgic feelings did abound. That B-plot
must have kicked out the ... whatever you wanna lose out of the most hardened Marcy/Steve
fanatic. And although their 'reunion' didn't have the same amount of laughs as the search for
the disappeared Dodge, the ending here too proved to be a real winner. Just like the whole
episode actually. Even Jefferson pulled the sidekick bit to near perfection...

And you single season 9 watchers out there, remember, this could happen to you

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