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0916  -  Something Larry This way Comes

Synopsis:  Kelly comes home excited with big news: she has been named "Student of the Month" at the 
Larry Storch School of acting.  Al is also excited as he is a fan of Larry Storch and would like to 
meet him, but heís committed to a ridiculous midnight madness shoe sale with Griff the same night.  
When Larry shows up at the store to meet Al, Gary recognizes him as a shyster who bilked her out of 
her money and knocks him out which leads to a problem, who will fill in for Larry at the play?  
I think you know who.   

Thoughts:    Not a terrific episode, but itís decent.  Everyone again, (even Larry) gets a good line 
or moment.  Kelly who always made word association jokes has them down to a would be art form by now 
(theyíve also been called Kellyisms).  For some reason they just arenít as funny here as they are in 
other episodes.  The episode will either continue being funny till the end or slow to a halt 
considering how funny you think it is to see the eventual play (with itís none to obvious conclusion 
which I alluded to in the synopsis.)

	 This episode also begins, or else firmly establishes that Kelly wants to be an actress, 
something that stemmed from her modeling jobs from seasons past.  This is probably the first major 
time this happens and would lead to plots of other seasons.  Itís nice to see proof that this show 
has got some continuity.  Another good runner is the one concerning Alís wanting to meet Larry 
Storch.  It isnít too far fetched considering his like of older shows and actors. 

	Marcy and Jefferson only show up towards the end with little to do but watch the play.  
The only other people here are Gary who makes an in and out appearance, Griff who is seen with Al 
during the madness sale and a great scene at the end and Larry Storch who is given an appropriate 
introduction, considering Alís desire to see him.  The whole family is made a part of the episode 
which is a small plus.

	The plot could have been a really good B story in a better episode.  The plot here as the 
only story, itís good if unbelievable at parts.  Take the coincidence that Larry and Gary knew each 
other, and that Gary hates him.  Those werewolf costumes Al and Griff wear are awesome and funny 
(strange how I didnít think Alís owl costume in "Kelly Takes a Shot", the previous episode no less 
was the complete opposite.)  Somebody on the writing staff must have been in a mood to put 
characters in silly costumes.  The play is the only major downer in my opinion.  It just smacks MWC 
with the feel of an ordinary sitcom and the whole set of the auditorium and stage looks to have 
lousy production (Larry must be hard up for cash).  Like I said above, if you like the play scene, 
the episode will play out better.  By the way, I think that Kelly is speaking in a southern accent 
during the play to impersonate Vivian Leigh from ďGone With The WindĒ in a hope that it will make 
her look like a better actress, but I could be wrong.

Rating:  5.5 shoes out of 10 (6 if you like Kellyís play).  Strictly average Bundyíing.  I can watch 
it more times then the average episode, but not that many times.  The good lines and those werewolf 
costumes save it from total mediocrity.

Quotable Quotes:

Bud (to Al): "Commission?  You mean our budget is just a percentage of shiny rocks and sticks?"

Bud: "Kelly, what producer worth his cellular phone would give a tinkers damn about you and Larry Storch?"
Al (comes down from upstairs): "Larry Storch?"

Al:  "Everybodyís favorite corporal, coming here to my least favorite place?!"
Griff (to Al in his werewolf costume):  "You know if these were real, Iíd rip you to shreds!"

The family is talking while a dying car engine sound pulls into the driveway
Peg:  "Thereís your father and his Dodge!"
Bud (looking out the window)  "No, no that's Larry Storch and his Dodge!" --- best line in the show

Larry Storch:  "Anybody wanna buy a Dodge?!  One owner, one gear, one dollar!"
Bud (points at Larry):  "One bullet."

Al (to Griff unaware that Gary is behind him):  "Just because Garyís built like a man, doesnít mean she 
can hit like one!  Let her come in and sell SHOES!"

*** By the way, this review was constructed from memory of the show, I apologize if some of the 
quotes are a little off, when I get the chance to see the episode again, I may be able to correct 
some of what might be wrong

By John Nelson


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