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Reviewed By:  John P. Stevenson

	THOUGH Iím a huge fan of NO MAíAM, this episode has always seemed a little weak to me.
 Donít get me wrong, itís enjoyable enough.  Itís just that I canít help thinking that it could
be better.  The opening premise of Al having to be on his best behavior for a month is just too
good... itís wasted here.  It could be the basis for an entire episode.  In addition, some of 
the early NO MAíAMerís just donít fit in.  I realize that they are minor characters, but it does
detract from the story somewhat.

	But there are plenty of positives in this episode, as well.  Waylon Jennings gives a 
very good performance as Ironhead Haynes; the Guyís Nine Commandments are great; the scene with
Marcy and Al in the Shoe-Store is terrific; and the overall story is well done.

	But in the end, itís OíNeill acting that carries this episode.  His indignation at the
loss of his prized parking spot, and his resultant quest to find a world where you can still 
call Ďem as you see Ďem, touch a chord with many in these days of rampant Political Correctness.
That alone makes it a better than average episode.

RATING:  ***1/2 out of Five


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