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"Hi Daddy. I'm on the trail of this weird guy named Waldo. Have you seen him?"  Kelly
"She's gonna be with us until we die, you know!?"  Al

Here is another one of my top ten favorites, Get Outta Dodge stands out in so many ways. For one 
thing, Ed O'Neill is at the top of his game again. And you have him in one of his funniest MWC 
performances yet.
And then you have Christina Applegate. I think she is at her Kelly stupidest in this episode. I like 
it for her also. I think she gives just a little bright spot on there.
"What? You don't think I can get 4,000 dollars out of my Dodge?"  Al
"I don't think you can get dollars!"  Jefferson
Yep, a good episode. Especially the phone call Al gives at the end:
"Then I'll be home, and the Viper will be mine! You hear me! Mine! Mine!"  Al
One of my favorites.
Rating: 9 out of 10.

By Justice


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