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0813  -  The Worst Noel

Nitzan said it best when he said: "Out of the seven Married with Children Christmas episodes, 
this one is my favorite", he was right. This one really gave out those little corny Christmas 
jokes about MWC, and Al saying why he doesn't like It's A Wonderful Life:
"Because it's a horrible life!"  Al
Ed O'Neill is clearly enjoying himself here, and he gives some of his greatest facial expressions 
to date in this episode. I love the facial expressions he gives when he happily sings along to the 
Christmas Psycho Dad theme:
"Who's that riding in the sliegh? Who's that firing along the way? Who got the most popped 
on Christmas Day? PSYCHO DAD! PSYCHO DAD! PSYCHO DAD!"  TV and Al
And I like the one where he see's Peggy with the party hat on. And of course, my favorite scene 
in this, and many other people's favorite scenes in this, is when Al is "pecked" by Marcy.
"Argh! SHE PECKED ME, PEG!!"  Al

10 out of 10.

By Justice


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