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0807  -  Take My Wife, Please

Interesting Bits: How many other situation comedies could have an end title sequence with 
two sets of Village People, a man sniffing poison gas and Death dancing on the stairway? Katey 
Sagal plays Death is a stunning performance which shows she's definitely not Peg in real life. 
For some odd reason Marcy wears a seriously strange dress that makes her look like she's trying 
to be a schoolgirl, which brings up... well, vomit. Oh, and the reason the family need Al? 
To comment on whether some toilet paper is 2-ply or not.

Analytical Bit: A surreal classic; this episode is so perfect you could clean a house with it. 
The scenes with Al and Death strike just the right balance of comedy and Hallowe'en eeriness, 
particularly if you watch this one late at night as we did. And the Village People are scary 
enough in their own right. It gets a little slow in the middle with endless YMCA repeats but 
the ending is an excellent scene (see above).

Rating: 8.5

By Grail


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