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Episode:  0802  -  HOOD IN THE BOYZ

Reviewed By:  John P. Stevenson

	For a later-season episode, this is a surprisingly good one, one that will particularly
appeal to fans of the Great Shoe Man, Al Bundy.  Heís at his most stubborn, and most put-upon,
in this episode.

	I must admit that thereís always been one facet of this character that Iíve never 
understood, and that his almost pathological aversion to sex, at least with his wife.  As a
survivor of eight years of married life (to a redhead, no less!!), believe me when I say itís 
not the wife who goes begging for sex!!  That is the only aspect of Alís character that rings
false, and itís on full display here.  However much that it bothers me, though, itís not enough
to keep me from enjoying a good episode, which this certainly is.

	It does have itís share of bad points:  The writing, typical of the later seasons, is
flat at points; the premise of someone seeking out Al for help is a little weak; and the way
Ray-Ray seems able to call up half of Chicagoís juvenile delinquents with just a whistle is too
far-fetched.  But those are minor points when compared to the overall story.

	Any man, at least those who like women, will understand why Alís doing the things heís
doing.  His explanation to Ray-Ray is one of Alís best speeches, and heís had some great ones! 
Iíve never, in my life, had the least desire to ski.  I can think of several hundred less 
painful, and expensive, ways to kill myself.  I can also name ten women, off the top of my head,
who could, with a wink and a smile send me hurtling downhill to my grave faster than you can say
Sonny Bono.

	Thatís not all.  The stock footage scenes that are inserted (no pun intended!) every 
time Al and Peggy get amorous are hilarious, almost the best part of the episode. Alís
deteriorating condition after each round (with both Peggy and Ray-Ray) is well done, and the
jokes work far more often than not.

	Those of you who are especially fond of Al will love this episode, but I think all MWC
fans will find something to enjoy.

RATING:  ***1/2 out of Five


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